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                 MadHouse 2002 is a Video made in 2002 and blended to reggae 
                 and some Rap music.  It features video of off roading, motorcycling,
                 snowmobiling, off road racing and more. It has its exciting moments thats 
                 for sure. If you would like a copy of this video Please send in a donation
                 for a very well made home video. This video is offered as a thank you 
                 present for donating to the continued operation and development of the 
                 Racers Net BBS (since 1992).   In the case of  you uploading a Racing 
                 schedule for the use on the Racers Net BBS, you will be sent a free copy 
                 of this video. 

   For Donated contribution Send donation of $22.00 (US Funds) to:
                  Robert Holmes
                  c/o The Racers Net
                  Po Box 251
                  Tahoe Vista, Ca

  For Racing Schedule contributions of Free Video offer: 

              Send to schedule@racers.net

               Please specify VHS Tape or DVD
                   Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery

                   Don't forget to include your name, address, and daytime phone number

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