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Radiation Detection - Monitors for Nuclear Radiation Beta, Gamma and Xray. A reading of 10 - 20 CPM is a normal reading.
The Sensitivity to Gamma Radiation: 0.1~3.0 MeV
The GMC-320+ Background: 0,2 Pulses/s

An exposure of 500 roentgens in five hours is usually lethal for human beings.

The typical exposure to normal background radiation for a human being is about 200 milliroentgens per year, or about 23 microroentgens per hour.

The following CPM data has been measured by the GMC-320+ Geiger Counter:
Source "Counts Per Minute" (CPM) reading
Normal Background: 20~40
Public park granite table: 50~83
Uranium glass bead 238U: 320
Uranium ore 238U: 2905
Standard 5uCi radioactive source: 26500

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