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Last Updated: 3:27pm on 6/28/17 - Currently in North Tahoe it looks like Clear and Comfortable outside with Calm winds from the WSW.- The Temperature currently is: 74.3F - Today's High: 75.3F at 1:44pm and the Low: 51.0F at 4:45am. - The Barometric Pressure is: 30.12 - Barometric Trend is showing: -0.003 - Please look for more details included in our extended forecast below.

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Weather Site News

(05/18/09) Well Hello again everyone and thanks for all the support. I wanted to shair some news about the Server has gone though a hardware and OS upgrade. The server is now a Green Server, running a pair of L5420 Xeon CPU's, a RoHS 5/6 Server board, an Earthwatts 80 Plus PSU all running on W3k - Runs strong, tough, and earth friendly :)

(01/01/09)Hi everyone, i hope all of you are surviving the economic downturn. Something that seems almost just as bad is our weather Radar was taken out by a wind gust of 147 Mph. Check out this link here for all the information. Click here

(04/26/8) Nevada Seismological Laboratory University of Nevada Reno has issued a press release of the possibility of a larger Quake of 4.7. We up here in northern Nevada have been having a swarm of quakes for almost a month now, all in the same place and most are very shallow. Its quite interesting to watch. Press release: Quake And i have a script setup for local quakes using Ken Trues excellent earthquake script, check it out here: Local Quake Brace yourselves and enjoy! Bob

(02/03/08) Holly smokes! We are getting one of the best years for snowfall we have seen in a long time. It has snowed for almost two weeks and we have 62 inches to showfor. check out /5_feet_of_snow.jpg

(01/06/08) Happy New year everyone. As many of you have asked hows the snow, it is awsome! This weekend storm has been one of the biggest around here for at least 5 years. We have well over 3 feet around lake level and 3 times that up higher. Enjoy!

(09/21/07) It has been a long hot summer here in Tahoe. We had a span of about 84 days of no rain. We now have snow in the upper elevations of Lake Tahoe, and we are forecast for as much as a foot and a half for this weekend.

(06/25/07) The Angora Fire as it is called is on the other side of Lake Tahoe on the south shore area called Paradise Valley. I have some of my own pictures here if you would like to view them. our hart go out to all that have lost their properties - Fire 2 6-24-07 013.jpg or go here fire 06-24-07

(02/26/07) Well well now. Looks like i spoke to soon. We are now getting our whole year season of snowfall in one storm it seems... (See snowfall report here

(02/10/07) Well as our long Dry winter has come to a close, we have yet to see any real snowfall. Lots of rain.. But there is always next year, right? Btw we are upgrading all our computer systems. There is a new server that we now running on and will be testing a new video cam in the near future. Have fun and enjoy.

(11/23/06) It has been awhile since our last news post. It has finally started to snow again. The Racers Net server has had a few upgrades this year. We installed a new 15k drive and two faster processors with fans.

Check out this whiteout cought on the weather cam shown in timelaps. It turned almost completely dark outside for over a minute, (04/16/06)

The Racers net is now a member of the new Southwestern Weather Network

Well still struggling with thecamera server. (03/25/06) Meanwhile check out the new Avalanche video

The Snowfall report for 05-06 Tahoe Vista was moved. It was getting to big for the main page, 3/14/06

Check out The Racers Net New Lightning Detection system

Earthquake this last summer

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Weather Advisory:

RSS Advisory Script

There are no active watches, warnings or advisories for Greater Lake Tahoe Area (California).

Forecast For Tahoe Vista:

NWS Forecast for Tahoe Vista, CA
National Weather Service Forecast for: Tahoe Vista, CA
Issued by: National Weather Service Reno, NV
Updated: 1:12 pm PDT Jun 28, 2017
This Afternoon: Sunny

Thursday: Sunny

Friday: Sunny

Saturday: Sunny

Sunday: Sunny

Monday: Sunny
Independence Day: Sunny
Hi 75 °F Hi 78 °F Hi 80 °F Hi 82 °F Hi 83 °F Hi 83 °F Hi 78 °F  

Tonight: Clear
Thursday Night: Clear
Friday Night: Mostly Clear
Mostly Clear
Saturday Night: Mostly Clear
Mostly Clear
Sunday Night: Clear
Monday Night: Mostly Clear
Mostly Clear
Tuesday Night: Clear
Lo 41 °F Lo 44 °F Lo 48 °F Lo 53 °F Lo 54 °F Lo 53 °F Lo 52 °F  


This Afternoon
Sunny, with a high near 75. West wind around 10 mph, with gusts as high as 18 mph.
Clear, with a low around 41. West northwest wind 2 to 10 mph, with gusts as high as 18 mph.
Sunny, with a high near 78. North northeast wind 2 to 8 mph.
Thursday Night
Clear, with a low around 44. Northwest wind 2 to 8 mph.
Sunny, with a high near 80. West southwest wind 3 to 9 mph.
Friday Night
Mostly clear, with a low around 48.
Sunny, with a high near 82.
Saturday Night
Mostly clear, with a low around 53.
Sunny, with a high near 83.
Sunday Night
Clear, with a low around 54.
Sunny, with a high near 83.
Monday Night
Mostly clear, with a low around 53.
Independence Day
Sunny, with a high near 78.
Tuesday Night
Clear, with a low around 52.


Forecast from NOAA-NWS for Tahoe Vista, CA.

Lightning Detection :

6/28/2017 3:28:11 PM 
No thunderstorms detected 

NexStorm V1.9.1.8120:LD-250

Outdoor Radiation:

Weather Discussion:

Forecast Discussion for REV NWS Office

FXUS65 KREV 282023

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Reno NV
123 PM PDT Wed Jun 28 2017


High pressure off the west coast will gradually build inland
through Friday, keeping dry conditions over the region.
Temperatures near seasonal averages today will slowly warm up
through this weekend, and remain above average through the July
4th holiday. Mainly light winds are expected through the upcoming
week, except for typical afternoon and evening breezes.


Typical summer weather continues through the weekend as high
pressure strengthens across the Sierra and western Nevada.
Temperatures will be slowly warming up through the work week with
high temperatures in the mid to high 90s for the lower valleys and
80s in the Sierra. Late afternoon zephyr breezes are expected each
day with wind gusts 20-35 mph.

A couple of weak troughs swing through the region over the weekend
which will flatten the ridge, slow the warmup for Saturday/Sunday,
and enhance the afternoon/evening winds. Afternoon and evening wind
gusts will be around 25 to 30 mph with the potential for choppy
conditions on Lake Tahoe late in the day this weekend. The 4th of
July still looks uneventful with above normal temperatures, typical
late day breezes (nothing extraordinary) and minimal chances for
thunderstorms. Dry conditions appear to prevail through the weekend
so be sure stay hydrated and sunscreen up!

Later next week, there are some signs that the ridge will amplify
and build west. This would result in even hotter conditions and
eventually enough moisture working northwest around the ridge for
better chance of storms. Hohmann/Weishahn



VFR conditions. Afternoon and evening breezes to 20-25 kts are
expected today, with lighter winds on Thursday. Weak troughs will
brush past northern Nevada Saturday-Monday with increased wind gusts
up to 30kts possible. Dry conditions with very low thunderstorm
potential through the weekend. -Edan


.REV Watches/Warnings/Advisories...


For more information from the National Weather Service visit...

NWS REV Office Area Forecast Discussion

Area Earthquake info:


Nearby Earthquakes

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Wed, 28-Jun-2017 15:14:17 PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
17 mi NE of Morgan Hill, California 2.4 000246153 mi 1498643059Wed, 28-Jun-2017 09:44:19 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 2.5 00003421 mi 1498638277Wed, 28-Jun-2017 08:24:37 map
7 mi WNW of Greenville, California 2.1 00013785 mi 1498604592Tue, 27-Jun-2017 23:03:12 map
10 mi NE of Upper Lake, California 2.2 000235146 mi 1498590083Tue, 27-Jun-2017 19:01:23 map
5 mi NE of Gilroy, California 2.0 000273170 mi 1498583754Tue, 27-Jun-2017 17:15:54 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 2.9 00003521 mi 1498551459Tue, 27-Jun-2017 08:17:39 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 2.0 00003421 mi 1498546806Tue, 27-Jun-2017 07:00:06 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 2.6 00003421 mi 1498538623Tue, 27-Jun-2017 04:43:43 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 3.1 00003522 mi 1498536851Tue, 27-Jun-2017 04:14:11 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 3.0 00003421 mi 1498530947Tue, 27-Jun-2017 02:35:47 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 2.0 00003522 mi 1498530472Tue, 27-Jun-2017 02:27:52 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 2.2 00003421 mi 1498527389Tue, 27-Jun-2017 01:36:29 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 3.0 00003421 mi 1498526188Tue, 27-Jun-2017 01:16:28 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 4.0 00003421 mi 1498525761Tue, 27-Jun-2017 01:09:21 map
13 mi NW of Truckee, California 2.9 00003421 mi 1498525488Tue, 27-Jun-2017 01:04:48 map
12 mi NW of Truckee, California 3.7 00003522 mi 1498525322Tue, 27-Jun-2017 01:02:02 map
6 mi SE of Ridgemark, California 2.0 000296184 mi 1498511550Mon, 26-Jun-2017 21:12:30 map
18 mi WSW of Chester, California 2.5 000166103 mi 1498509165Mon, 26-Jun-2017 20:32:45 map
13 mi SSE of Ridgemark, California 2.0 000307191 mi 1498506634Mon, 26-Jun-2017 19:50:34 map
7 mi SSW of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.1 000210130 mi 1498483949Mon, 26-Jun-2017 13:32:29 map
7 mi SSW of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.0 000210130 mi 1498471975Mon, 26-Jun-2017 10:12:55 map
1 mi E of The Geysers, California 2.0 000236147 mi 1498457768Mon, 26-Jun-2017 06:16:08 map
4 mi NW of The Geysers, California 2.6 000242150 mi 1498414932Sun, 25-Jun-2017 18:22:12 map
6 mi ENE of McCloud, California 2.1 000282175 mi 1498406890Sun, 25-Jun-2017 16:08:10 map
21 mi SW of Smith Valley, Nevada 2.3 00008553 mi 1498389378Sun, 25-Jun-2017 11:16:18 map
21 mi N of Burney, California 2.0 000253157 mi 1498372581Sun, 25-Jun-2017 06:36:21 map
29 mi NNE of Covelo, California 2.0 000269167 mi 1498340757Sat, 24-Jun-2017 21:45:57 map
1 mi SSE of Piedmont, California 2.4 000247154 mi 1498330085Sat, 24-Jun-2017 18:48:05 map
4 mi W of Cobb, California 2.0 000241150 mi 1498215781Fri, 23-Jun-2017 11:03:01 map
6 mi WNW of Cobb, California 2.4 000243151 mi 1498157089Thu, 22-Jun-2017 18:44:49 map
14 mi ENE of Soledad, California 2.5 000316197 mi 1498129736Thu, 22-Jun-2017 11:08:56 map
1 mi NNW of The Geysers, California 2.4 000239149 mi 1498118535Thu, 22-Jun-2017 08:02:15 map

32 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.

Script courtesy of


CloudBase per 1000 feet

Currently at 9267.78 ft

Tahoe Vista Snowfall Report -Past Reports for 2005 - 2015:

current Snowfall report
Last Updated: June 12, 2017 5:32 PM
Date: Snow Depth prior storm: Current Snow Depth: Current Storm Total: YTD: Comments:
06/12/17 0.00 inches* 2.50 inches*

2.50 inches

211.75 inches Heavy
05/06/17 1.00 inches* 1.25 inches*

0.25 inches

209.25 inches Heavy
04/24/17 7.00 inches* 7.25 inches*

0.25 inches

209.00 inches Heavy
04/13/17 10.00 inches* 12.50 inches*

2.50 inches

208.75 inches Heavy
04/08/17 12.00 inches* 16.50 inches*

4.50 inches

206.25 inches Heavy
04/07/17 12.00 inches* 13.50 inches

1.50 inches

201.75 inches Heavy
03/30/17 20.00 inches 21.00 inches

1.00 inches

200.25 inches Heavy
03/27/17 21.00 inches 22.00 inches

1.00 inches

199.25 inches Heavy
03/24/17 24.00 inches 25.00 inches

1.00 inches

198.25 inches Heavy
03/22/17 24.00 inches 26.50 inches

1.50 inches

197.25 inches Heavy
03/21/17 24.00 inches 27.00 inches

2.00 inches

195.75 inches Heavy
03/06/17 62.25 inches 66.25 inches

4.00 inches

193.75 inches Powder
03/05/17 47.25 inches 62.25 inches

15.00 inches

189.75 inches Powder
03/04/17 45.00 inches 47.25 inches

02.25 inches

174.75 inches Powder
02/27/17 60.00 inches 61.00 inches

01.00 inches

172.50 inches Powder
02/23/17 61.25 inches 62.50 inches

01.25 inches

171.50 inches Powder
02/22/17 54.25 inches 61.25 inches

07.00 inches

172.25 inches Powder
02/21/17 39.00 inches 54.25 inches

14.25 inches

165.25 inches Powder
02/20/17 30.00 inches 39.00 inches

10.00 inches

149.00 inches Heavy
02/17/17 32.00 inches 33.00 inches

01.00 inches

139.00 inches Heavy
02/10/17 33.00 inches 43.00 inches

10.00 inches

138.00 inches Heavy
02/09/17 30.00 inches 33.00 inches

03.00 inches

128.00 inches Heavy
02/06/17 34.50 inches 36.50 inches

02.00 inches

125.00 inches Heavy
02/05/17 34.00 inches 34.50 inches

00.50 inches

123.00 inches Heavy
02/04/17 34.00 inches 35.00 inches

01.00 inches

122.50 inches Heavy
02/03/17 34.00 inches 36.00 inches

02.00 inches

121.50 inches Heavy
02/02/17 34.00 inches 36.00 inches

02.00 inches

119.50 inches Heavy
01/23/17 64.50 inches 69.50 inches

05.00 inches

117.50 inches Powder
01/22/17 50.50 inches 64.50 inches

14.00 inches

112.50 inches Powder
01/21/17 47.50 inches 50.50 inches

03.00 inches

98.50 inches Powder
01/20/17 41.00 inches 47.50 inches

05.50 inches

95.50 inches Powder
01/19/17 38.50 inches 42.00 inches

03.50 inches

89.00 inches Powder
01/18/17 35.00 inches 38.50 inches

03.50 inches

85.50 inches Heavy
01/12/17 48.50 inches 50.00 inches

02.00 inches

82.00 inches Powder
01/11/17 46.75 inches 51.75 inches

05.00 inches

80.00 inches Powder
01/10/17 18.75 inches 46.75 inches

28.00 inches

75.00 inches Powder
01/09/17 8.50 inches 18.75 inches

09.25 inches

57.00 inches Powder
01/07/17 16.50 inches 17.75 inches

01.25 inches

46.75 inches Powder
01/05/17 15.50 inches 18.00 inches

02.50 inches

45.50 inches Heavy
01/04/17 08.00 inches 15.50 inches

07.50 inches

43.00 inches Heavy
01/03/17 05.50 inches 13.50 inches

08.00 inches

36.50 inches Powder
01/02/17 01.25 inches 07.50 inches

06.50 inches

29.50 inches Powder
01/01/17 01.00 inches* 01.25 inches*

00.25 inches

23.00 inches Powder
12/24/16 04.00 inches 06.00 inches

02.00 inches

22.75 inches Powder
12/23/16 00.50 inches* 04.00 inches

04.00 inches

20.75 inches Powder
12/07/16 00.50 inches* 01.00 inches*

00.50 inches

16.75 inches Powder
11/27/16 01.50 inches* 09.50 inches

09.00 inches

16.25 inches Powder
11/26/16 01.00 inches* 01.50 inches*

00.50 inches*

07.25 inches Heavy
11/23/16 00.00 inches* 01.50 inches*

01.50 inches*

06.75 inches Heavy
11/20/16 00.50 inches* 01.50 inches*

01.00 inches*

05.25 inches Heavy
11/19/16 00.00 inches* 03.00 inches*

03.00 inches*

04.25 inches Heavy
10/30/16 00.00 inches* 00.75 inches*

00.75 inches*

01.25 inches Heavy
10/17/16 00.00 inches* 00.25 inches*

00.25 inches*

00.50 inches Heavy
10/02/16 00.00 inches* 00.25 inches*

00.25 inches*

00.25 inches Trace
00/00/16 00.00 inches* 00.00 inches

00.00 inches

00.00 inches null
* = Patches of snow - Not full coverage Heavy Snow = Wet / Powdery = low water


Radar Type

GRLevel3 radar from NWS station KRGX

The above image was produced by GRLevel3 software using NEXRAD Radar data from station KRGX.

Area Temperatures:

Wind and Temperature Graphs:

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